Gratitude is one of the things I incorporated into my life many years ago. The benefits were immediately obvious. The ability to bring yourself into a state of gratitude is the ability to bring yourself out of a state of lacking and into a state of abundance.

No matter what is going on in someone’s life, there is something to be grateful for. The ability to take another breath, the gift of thought and intention, the blessings of your heart beating. When you stop to take time to appreciate everything we have and everything that contributed to what we have, then you are bound to live from a state of being blessed. This leads to a natural state of bliss.

The gift of gratitude has even more to give and that’s the power of manifestation. The language of the universe is actually emotional charge so if you want to manifest something, you need to charge it with emotion. The most powerful emotion to use in this particular case is a sense of gratitude for having already received it. This ensures you’re magnetizing a state of abundance vs a state of desire. The universe then has to supply in physical form what you are already experiencing energetically. The more you can envision your greatest desires as if you have already achieved them, the easier the manifestation will be.

Get clear on the details of what you wish to manifest and release the how. The greater detail you can define for your visions, the better the universe will be able to fill the manifestation order. If you try to tell it how you want it to come, then the universe gets a little temperamental. It wants the freedom of creative delivery. Trust me, if you can surrender the how, it will come better than you could have ever imagined.