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Physical Vitality

Emotional Intelligence

Personal Fulfillment

Natural Bliss

Physical Vitality

Emotional Intelligence

Personal Fulfillment

Natural Bliss

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Energy Healing

What affects your energy body, affects your physical body and vice versa.

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Personal Mastery

The conscious mind is only responsible for 5% of our experience. If we wish to master our reality, we must access our unconscious mind

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Life is Too Short to Live in Anguish

Emotional or physical anguish can leave you in a dark place. It’s time to turn your light back on. Reveal your natural bliss.

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What my clients say

Sky is warm, friendly, compassionate and an excellent Pranic Healer.

Sessions with Sky are so relaxing that I fall into a deep restful sleep and wake up feeling much better. My physical pain, anxiety and panic attacks have all been reduced with Sky’s work.

Jennifer Wilson

Sky is so loving and gentle in her work!

She guided me to see the things that needed to be seen, and helped me create positive affirmations/statements to help move past the lessons that were holding me back.

I am ever grateful for the work we have done together and highly encourage anyone who feels drawn to work with Sky, to definitely set up an appointment or get a message out to her!

Stephanie L Verry

I’ve been hurting every day all day since 2010. So trying to wrap my head around someone that can heal me not even in my presence is so wonderful. And it’s happening practically overnight!

I can’t say thank you enough.

LeeAnn Williamson

Sky is an amazing and authentic person to not only work with but also to talk to. She encouraged me not to be afraid of showing the world who I truly am and to allow my creativity to flow and shine!I highly recommend her and I also encourage you to follow her, she gives such insightful messages

Colleen Harrison
Sky Cardenas

About ME

I’m an energy healer guiding the spiritual seeker to heal mind, body and soul. My services include programs to release negative emotions, heal physical ailments,  provide spiritual guidance and so much more.My greatest passion lies in assisting people to break through whatever blocks them. I am a servant of the divine, dedicated to help people heal and actualize their greatest potential and enjoy their natural bliss.

Divine love & infinite blessings
my story

Cosmic Consciousness

“I am all that is”

“I came into this body to play, dance, explore, and be this particular version of myself”

“I am the creator of my reality”

“I am aware now”

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