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Sasha Presfield (CFO Flux Distribution) – Limitless Coaching

“As a trained NLP Practitioner and female business owner of 5 years, I am selective on who tinkers with my mind. Many practitioners limit their clients’ growth with their own limiting beliefs. Sky’s mind is open as cosmos – she is a frameless mirror guiding you to see yourself, your path, your potential.”

Sean Curran – Limitation Annihilation

“The opportunity to work with Sky Cardenas literally fell out of the… well… sky. I was traveling and a friend recommended I speak with her about regression therapy while I was visiting. I had hit a standstill with traditional therapy and had long since given up seeking help outside of myself and books.

As someone who has seen various therapists and psychologists over the years, I have a fair amount of experience diving into my past. Habits and strong recurring emotions often have their roots in life experiences. I spent years identifying my negative habits, deconstructing them, and trying to create balance in my life. As an already introspective person, traditional therapy often did not work long for me. It gave me a place to talk to someone, to talk about a past event from my own perspective, but I was so focused on relaying the story and answering questions that I didn’t give myself the space to relive the moment, mentally or emotionally. I could never find resolution in revisiting these traumatic events through storytelling.

Regression therapy was completely different. Over the course of a few hours we revisited the childhood memories with strong emotional connections and I was guided through them toward an end goal. I didn’t spend my time trying to bring someone else up to speed on a series of events, which gave me the bandwidth to relive the emotions of the memory in a very real way.

Prior to our meeting, I had a short interview with Sky after which she gave me a small set of tasks to complete before our session. I set my own goals, identified limiting beliefs and was asked to bring awareness to my cycle of reactions as relating to my main goal. Once the session began, we went through a series of regressions where I identified events in my life where I experienced primal and primary sadness, anger and fear. By not getting caught up with words in describing these events I was able to meet the emotions head on, acknowledge them and lay them to rest.

I know I only have a cursory understanding of the technique used in this therapy but I walked out of that session with a lightness I have not felt in quite a while, and it has continued with me in the weeks following. Situations where I had undeniable emotional reactions, I now find I am able to confront with an objective eye. While I look forward to another session with Sky, I honestly feel like so much progress was made in my 3-hour session that I do not need to revisit at this time.

So many of us are carrying around baggage whose roots we cannot identify. I would highly recommend regression therapy treatment as a very direct release for these issues, and I can speak highly for Sky’s nurturing and strong guidance through the process.”


Thacia Northey – Limitation Annihilation

Working with Vidyu (Sky) was nothing short of amazing for me. I went from; This chic wants to charge me how much and hour???; no way, that’s ridiculous!!! to wow she totally could charge more lol
I realize I had to be willing to go deep but what a blessing this was for me. I literally got my wings back and remembered how to fly again today!! Not only did I know it and feel out in my heart right away. I also received extra confirmation from my entourage later that night, that yes in deed my wings were back and more beautiful than ever. Figured the least I could do was share my joy so others would follow their intuition and do a session with Vidyu. If you are serious about getting to the root of an issue and the rest of the path of that issue as well! The choice to free yourself is so powerful and Vidyu is a wonderful guide. Thank you again!


Valerie Marone – Past Life Healing

“I recently had the pleasure of being guided through a past life timeline regression therapy by Sky Cardenas.

It was a deeply relaxing, enlightening session and a wonderful experience overall that brought me some much needed, immediate relief from the relentless anxiety which I’ve lived with all my life. The feelings I had and the images I saw while looking out through the eyes of this past self were incredibly vivid and useful to me in the now, allowing me to see more clearly certain issues I carry with me, things which haven’t been touched in many years of psychotherapy. Moreover, I was able to apply these realizations immediately. I consider that a net positive!

Sky herself is a consummate professional, as well as being a lovely person. She is able to guide you safely through these memories and feelings, always taking pains to make sure you know you are in control of the situation. She is perceptive, aware, and centered, and she has a strong command over the process. Her ability to take you through and bring you home again, safe and sound is truly remarkable, and I think that she’s amazing, possessing a true gift for this type of therapy. I would recommend timeline regression therapy to anyone who finds themselves struggling with the same issues over and over again, and perhaps feels stuck in a loop they can’t get out of.

Sky has a great capacity for healing others, truly an old soul. A wonderful and enlightening adventure.”


Shanda Bauman – Past Life Healing

On Sunday, I had an amazing zoom session with Sky. I have been on my ascension path for about a year and a half and I have slowly been waking up. So when I heard about this session I was intrigued. I have never even heard of Time Line Therapy. I know deep down that a lot of my fears and blocks come from my childhood and past lives. I just know it. Even though I do not know what my past lives are at this point.

Before the session: I was able to ask a few questions so I knew what to expect before the session started which made me more comfortable. This really helped since I didn’t know a thing about this type of healing.

During our session: Once our session started I could feel my own resistance…how does this work and will this help? My mind flooded with all kinds of thoughts. Sky made everything flow seamlessly. When she sensed that I was struggling to recall a piece of my past she would re-word her question so that my unconscious mind could lead her to the information that we were working on uncovering. She made me feel so comfortable even when my answers would show up in pictures or a knowing she knew how to customize the journey to uncover even more information. Sky was able to help me heal a part of my past that carried over into this lifetime.

After the session: After the session I felt relaxed. But, I also felt like maybe I didn’t uncover enough or didn’t give her exactly what she needed. She took the time to point out things that would help me on my journey and not to be so hard on myself. She also, let me know that each journey is so different and that there is no right or wrong way doing this healing. Today, a day later I feel much lighter and as if a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. It’s hard to explain. I just feel better. I highly recommend booking a session to help yourself heal. I believe I was lead to that session from my guides and I am so grateful for this experience.”


Rebecca Packard – Past Life Healing

“I just experienced Sky’s past life regression. It was awesome! It was so eye opening. I learned things about myself and my past. I got to see the way I view life, which is a golden ribbon, and feel the release as the healing took place. Very moving. I am so excited to see the shifts this creates for me in this life. Thank you so much Sky! ?”



Kimberly Holmes – Past Life Healing

Sky worked with me on past life healing. She met with me on a Zoom video call so that she could guide me through the process of connecting to my subconscious mind to confront any issues found in my past lives. Sky’s voice was calm and relaxing, helping me to ease into a meditative state. She was able to provide examples and encourage me along the way as I explored my timeline and sought answers to the questions from my past lives. I would recommend Sky to anyone who is willing to look inward and heal themselves. I feel lighter and at peace after my session. Thank you for your positive energy and healing, Sky!


Brian Laguire – Past Life Healing

“I just had an amazing session with Sky. She’s very knowledgeable of the mind and how programming works. I have been doing my own past life releases, but had been stuck from releasing a couple issues. Sky got me straight to my past life that had been my missing piece to be able to release fully my issues around a certain person I’ve been entangled with along with a couple other of my issues. She is a very loving soul that definitely knows her stuff. I would highly recommend having a session with Sky, it’s a very healing experience.”