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What previous clients had to say

Sasha Presfield

As a trained NLP Practitioner and female business owner of 8 years, I am selective on who tinkers with my mind.

Many practitioners limit their clients’ growth with their own limiting beliefs. Sky’s mind is open as cosmos – she is a frameless mirror guiding you to see yourself, your path, your potential.

Sasha Presfield

It has been such a wonderful experience working with Sky!

I have struggled with dealing with and expressing emotions throughout my life and Sky’s program has been incredibly helpful.

I’ve done traditional therapy and found that to be very triggering for me and made things worse.

She is incredibly understanding, patient and calming to facilitate a sacred space for emotional healing.

After working with Sky I feel like I’ve discovered who I truly am under all the emotional baggage and triggers and have been able to actually release them.

I finally feel a true sense of joy, peace and love within myself and a connection to all that is.

I feel better able to communicate with my partner and understand others for who they are in a way I hadn’t before.

Kristen Race

n just 30 minutes, Sky was able to guide me deep into my own psychology, rewiring my perception of an old relationship that was holding me back from fully experiencing life and love in the present


She’s phenomenal, and so much fun!

If you are struggling with any deep- rooted psychological hurdles that you haven’t been able to

shake, or something from the past that you haven’t been able to let go of, Sky is the coach for you- no doubt about it.

And most amazingly, your transformation is closer than you think!

Joe McVeen

My experience with Sky was nothing short of transformative, on so many layers!

She has such deep empathy because she has been wounded herself and has

gone through the same process that she guides others through now.

Through every interaction she radiates the bliss and unconditional love

that are the result of her own transformation.

It’s so beautiful to witness what you yourself will be getting as a result of working with

her, that you can’t wait to get started!

When I came to her I knew (some of) my issues, and I had in mind what I wanted to heal and

who I wanted to be so that I can live the life of my dreams.

A fearless, liberated existence.

So, we had our first Time Line Therapy session. After it was done, I felt that I have released some things, some fears, some guilt, resistance etc.

But I also knew that I haven’t fully allowed my conscious mind to let go of control and my unconscious to take over, which is crucial for Time Line Therapy.

As a perfectionist and a bit of a control addict, that was an issue I had no idea how to


Thankfully, Sky truly has a map to your mind and has done a parts integration session before we continued on with Time Line Therapy, and in it she helped me let go and dive into the unconscious where the true magic of healing happens.

Also, Sky realised that I had suffered from PTSD as a result of my father’s death. I couldn’t believe that as I have always been a happy, positive, jolly person.

But after the next session where we dove in deeper, and she helped me release my traumas, I

felt totally different!

I didn’t only feel a difference in my emotions, but for the first time I could also remember parts of my childhood as well as remember my dad as a moving, joyous image (instead

of a still and stern one, which he never was).

More than that, as my subconscious was no longer using up so much energy to suppress emotions

and memories, which I had no idea it was doing until I felt a difference in my day to day energy levels.

And it was drastic.

Ever since I was akid I had a habit of afternoon naps. They were mandatory for me.

But after our sessions I didn’t take a single nap! It’s just incredible!

Now, after some months have passed, I’ve had even more perception shifts and realizations as a result of the sessions we did.

So there is a continued effect to be felt. I feel lighter, happier, like my memory is

better and my mind is more vibrant.

The trauma that I carried and chucked aside has turned into a BLESSING and a lesson that has helped me evolve on many levels.

I am no longer hindered by fears and issues that stemmed from the trauma, but empowered with a new perception on life.

Which is what I came to sky for, among other things I mentioned.

Sky is an extremely warm, friendly, emphatic person.

She makes it easy to be vulnerable and open up even the darkest corners of your soul, as

you know that she has experienced the darkness herself, and is not judging but unconditionally loving and accepting you.

That in itself is extremely rare to find in people.

With her highly attuned perception, intuition, depth of knowledge on many subjects around

healing ( physical, mental, emotional, and energetic), and her personal

experience with them as she searched for her own healing, she is

extremely well equipped to guide anyone towards the transformation they


If you doubt that, she will unlock that block for you and open

you up for the transformation that leads to a life free of limitations,

fears, guilt, shame, anxiety…

Sky and her holistic methods can truly

take anyone towards a life of bliss, personal power, and freedom. Take

the leap, there is nothing to regret!

Iva Grcic

Oh my gosh where to start

…I’ll admit I was excited but a little skeptical about the whole thing

…but once Sky led me into my timeline

…amazing things happened

… I even saw a glimpse into a past life

…and found out what has been holding me back !!

That thing doesn’t hold me back anymore and I let love in now

…I feel soo much lighter and I will be doing it again

…thanks chicky you rock !!!

Lee-Anne Kendall

Sky is an amazing and authentic person to not only work with but also to talk to.

She encouraged me not to be afraid of showing the world who I truly am and to allow my creativity to flow and shine!

I highly recommend her and I also encourage you to follow her, she gives such insightful messages

Colleen Harrison

I’ve had two fantastic experiential sessions with Sky that have been absolutely amazing!

The first session was for manifesting for the future.

We had a wonderful conversation about where we had gotten to in a year’s time.

This conversation helped me to recharge my ambitions and feel absolutely validated on my path.

The second session was timeline therapy to help resolve a feeling of guilt.

Even as a holistic practitioner myself, I still am amazed at how many things we hold on to 🙂

Sky is so loving and gentle in her work!

She guided me to see the things that needed to be seen, and helped me create positive

affirmations/statements to help move past the lessons that were holding me back.

I am ever grateful for the work we have done together and highly encourage anyone who feels drawn to work with Sky, to definitely set up an appointment or get a message out to her!

Spirit will help you to know when the time is right … and Sky is an excellent vessel of this fantastic light work!

Stephanie L Verry

I was skeptical at first about what I was getting myself into when Sky offered her services too me.

I was dealing with bad anxiety and depression, and was able to be guided out of the hold it had on me.

I did plenty of research before accepting and found no negative reviews about the treatment.

The whole process was intriguing and did more for me than any other form of therapy.

I encourage everyone to enlighten themself, and see what she has to offer.

Thank you, Sky!

Shiloh Felix

Working with SKy was nothing short of amazing for me.

I went from; This chic wants to charge me how much an hour???;

no way, that’s ridiculous!!!

to wow she totally could charge more lol

I realize I had to be willing to go deep but what a blessing this was for me.

I literally got my wings back and remembered how to fly again today!!

Not only did I know it and feel out in my heart right away.

I also received extra confirmation from my entourage later that night, that yes

in deed my wings were back and more beautiful than ever.

Figured the least I could do was share my joy so others would follow their intuition

and do a session with Sky.

If you are serious about getting to the root of an issue and the rest of the path of that issue as well!

The choice to free yourself is so powerful and Sky is a wonderful guide.

Thank you again! Namaste and Blessings Thacia

Thacia Northey

Sky worked with me on past life healing.

She met with me on a Zoom video call so that she could guide me through the process of connecting to my subconscious mind to confront any issues found in my past lives.

Sky’s voice was calm and relaxing, helping me to ease into a meditative state.

She was able to provide examples and encourage me along the way as I explored my timeline and sought answers to the questions from my past lives.

I would recommend Sky to anyone who is willing to look inward and heal themselves.

I feel lighter and at peace after my session.

Thank you for your positive energy and healing, Sky!

Kimberly Holmes

I recently had the pleasure of being guided through a past life timeline regression therapy by Sky Cardenas.

It was a deeply relaxing, enlightening session and a wonderful

experience overall that brought me some much needed, immediate relief

from the relentless anxiety which I’ve lived with all my life.

The feelings I had and the images I saw while looking out through the eyes of this past self were incredibly vivid and useful to me in the now, allowing me to see more clearly certain issues I carry with me, things which haven’t been touched in many years of psychotherapy.

Moreover, I was able to apply these realizations immediately. I consider that a net positive!

Sky herself is a consummate professional, as well as being a lovely person.

She is able to guide you safely through these memories and feelings, always taking pains to make sure you know you are in control of the situation.

She is perceptive, aware, and centered, and she has a strong command over the process.

Her ability to take you through and bring you home again, safe and sound is truly remarkable, and I think that she’s amazing, possessing a true gift for this type of therapy.

I would recommend timeline regression therapy to anyone who finds

themselves struggling with the same issues over and over again, and

perhaps feels stuck in a loop they can’t get out of.

Sky has a great capacity for healing others, truly an old soul.

A wonderful and enlightening adventure.

Ivy Mike

I just had an amazing session with Sky.

She’s very knowledgeable of the mind and how programming works.

I have been doing my own past life releases, but had been stuck from releasing a couple issues.

Sky got me straight to my past life that had been my missing piece to be able to release fully my issues around a certain person I’ve been entangled with along with a couple other issues.

She is a very loving soul that definitely knows her stuff.

I would highly recommend haveing a session with Sky, it’s a very healing experience.

Brian Laguire

I wanted to share something in here.

I’ve been a part of Sky Cardenas energy healing. In a group program where the energy is delivered while I sleep.

And seriously being able to receive her gifts with such little effort on my end is so incredibly valuable.

I totally notice the difference. I sleep better. I wake up more refreshed and energized.

I also had some pain specific to my situation which is also better when I wake up now.

It’s also created this nice consistency.

Meaning I sustain it throughout the week and have found over the past several weeks this

energy lift that has been consistent and sustained.

That’s not normal or typical for me as I’ve gone through a HUGE health crisis this year.

Sky I am so grateful to have this opportunity and am deeply blessed by you and your work.

You’re doing phenomenal things. And I can’t wait to see more people get the benefit of you and your work.

If you haven’t started working with her yet all I have to say is what are you waiting for!!?? 😳

Keep rocking it sister. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing impact. 🙏🏻❤️

Shannon Rae


I have a 1 year old cat, Misty, and she has spent the last 3 months in and out of the vet’s.

I have spent more than $2000 on healing her before a friend recommended Sky!

Misty first had issues with a food allergy.

Then she was attacked by something that came to our balcony, and she had a muscle deep wound on her neck!

The vet sutured her, but she took off the stitches. Then he sutured her again, but then the wound got infected and was discharging a lot of puss.

Then she got antibiotics to help fight the infection.

But until Sky did her distance energy healing, I was constantly worried if the wound would ever heal. (Misty took off one of the sutures again, and after the infection seemed to go away, it came back again before Sky did her thing).

Sky’s healing helped and the wound healed in a few days after the session!

The wound looked amazing for something that looked so disgusting a few days before.


Before Sky’s session Misty was barely drinking any water.

Three days after Sky’s healing, not only did Misty start drinking so much water I had to get her a new, large water bowl, but she also grew in size!

Of course, she is a 1 year old cat that is still growing, but both me and my friend who was staying with me those days, have noticed that OVERNIGHT Misty’s body grew in length and

width, and her head was bigger.

We were both looking at her dumbfounded, wondering how such a VERY noticeable difference was possible basically overnight.

I’m guessing that there was a lot of constipated energy inside her, causing her to be sick for 3 months and healing very very slowly.

After Sky worked on Misty and balanced her energy, she must have released the flow and Misty is finally developing the way she is supposed to.

Thank you Sky! I wish I had you by our side since day 1. Next time I will.

Karla Garcia Silva

I am about to sing praises about Sky!

I met her because I wanted to quit smoking.

I’ve smoked for 16 years total, and have tried the patches, gum, cold turkey, weaning slowly, weaning quickly, everything except something metaphysical (which is a wonder

because it seems so obvious now ha!).

I was NERVOUS about giving up something I’ve been doing for almost half my life, but when I spoke to Sky, I felt more comfortable.

I immediately felt like Sky was perfect to work with. She’s professional but not stuffy and rigid, she’s amiable, sweet, and a beautiful soul.

She gave me clear instructions, and was going to be with me when I had a craving, which I found comforting.

However, I never needed to contact her outside of our appointments because I never really

had any real cravings!!

From the very first session, I have been able to EASILY stop smoking!!

I have tears in my eyes right now because I never would have thought this could be done.

I thought I was going to just suffer for weeks on end by white knuckling it.

Sky, I’ve already told you I can’t thank you enough but I still want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

I hope and pray that you flourish in your energy work and life itself, because you truly have helped not only me, but my 3 year old daughter who now has a healthier mommy.

Blessed be, Love and Light 💖💖

Aria J

Sky has been working with me for a few months and I’ve noticed huge

improvements even after the first session!

She even healed my cat, Boogie, when he wasn’t feeling good!

She’s a breath of fresh air, a beautiful, light spirit, and her energy is powerful and so rejuvenating.

She has done tremendous work on both my physical and emotional issues and I feel better every time we have a session.

She’s amazing at unblocking specific problem areas in my body. She rocks!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼💓💓

Christina DeMaria

I had a tumble and hit my head super hard! Big bump and loads of pain.

Fairly certain I had a mild concussion.

Sky sent me healing energy to help with my pain and swelling.

After 2 days my swelling is gone and all of my pain is gone!!!

Thank you Sky!! You are an amazing person!! 😙😙😙

Donaleen McCluskey

This is a two part breakdown of my experience with Sky. —– This is what I journaled before starting to work with her:

A month an a half ago I was cuddling with my youngest on a lovely

Sunday morning, his foot caught my eye and that is how it all started.

24 hours later I am with an eye surgeon with a bright blue light in my eye…

And yet, after 6 weeks I am still in pain.

Things are better, but still not. I have hit a wall. Things stopped healing.

My eye burns whenever I am in sunlight or when I look at my screen for more than 20 minutes… and I am just… done.

Sky Cardenas offered me her help and, I couldn’t say no.

The fact that she specializes in this was a sign.

How am I feeling before I get her help?

Empowered. Someone who follows me, knows me, and trusts me is asking me

to follow, know, and trust her… lots of feelings here.

Brave. I know I need more than the doctors have to offer (it takes time…”) —–

This is what happened while working with Sky

I followed Sky’s instructions to the letter.

Even going without my glasses for extended periods of time!

I felt her starting each session. I felt a pull to breath fully and rest intentionally.

After each session there was SUCH change!

Not just in my eye but in what felt like my entire body chemistry.

I could smell, hear, and of course SEE better.

She received powerful and insightful messages regarding my situation that at first seemed confusing, but upon ‘experiencing’ the changes they all became VERY apparent.

So much to work through!

The next morning after our first session the pain was MUCH less and I could stand to be in the sunlight the first part of the day.

She even worked on me while I was sleeping!!

What I REALLY appreciated about working with Sky was that she was

constantly looking for an update throughout the day.

If at any moment things were not progressing she was ON IT!

After a few days of consistent work I was able to see, be out in the sun, and work on the


All things my eye doctor would take months to happen, if they happened at all.

Sky is a true gift with a true gift. If I hadn’t met her I would still be suffering.

I wish everyone could have seen the look on my eye surgeons face! Priceless!

Thank you Sky!

Jessa Grace

I am truly grateful to Sky for all that she has done for me, thus far.

Sky came into my life at a time when I was dealing with serious chronic illness and fears for the future.

She offered her help as a healer and was greatly instrumental in helping me deal with the physical, as well as, the emotional fallout from conventional treatments.

I am so happy to say that I am now on the path to complete heallth and healing.

Sky has a natural gift for healing; her energy is amazing.

She is genuine, caring and dedicated. I might even say, determined!

When you elicit her for services, know that she’s got your back.

Thank you, Sky, for being there when I needed you.

Susan Kwong

I have been working with Sky for about 3 months, receive IG Pranic Healing for chronic physical pain & childhood emotional trauma.

Sky is warm, friendly, compassionate and an excellent Pranic Healer. Sessions with Sky are so relaxing that I fall into a deep restful sleep and wake up feeling much better. My physical pain, anxiety and panic attacks have all been reduced with Sky’s work.

Sky has also given me a number of things I can do to help my body to heal and to help her work be more effective.

I highly recommend Sky for Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy.

Jennifer Wilson

Yeah I’m shocked. Normally even with my heavy duty medicine I’m still at about a 10+ (on the pain scale) and that’s a normal every day thing 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Now my headache is a 3 and my back is about 1!

Having a headache every single day to having one that is barely there is amazing!

I’ve been hurting every day all day since 2010.

So trying to wrap my head around someone that can heal me not even in my presence is so wonderful.

And it’s happening practically overnight!

I can’t say thank you enough

LeeAnn Williamson

She reached out to me in a time of need and offered her services.

She made me feel comfortable in speaking with her candidly about what I was dealing with.

She explained to me what she was thinking and carefully walked me through my healing process.

I felt a change immediately. She followed up with me and made adjustments as I needed.

I throughly enjoyed my time with Sky and am looking forward to working

with her in the future.

Rozy May Price