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Unlock the power of your unconscious mind to master your mindset and create the reality you desire

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Change is hard

This is what most people believe and it’s true to an extent.

If you go about change the way most people do it, by scratching the surface of the conscious mind.

Bringing awareness to the issue, finding the trigger and ferreting out the underlying lesson and need.

That takes time that many don’t have, it takes courage that many have yet to recognize and it takes wisdom to decipher the correct lesson which allows you to keep your heart open.

Truth is, it can take you years of self work to overcome even one limiting belief or negative emotion.

Change can be easy

If you truly have the willingness to take control of your life, to take ownership of your reality, to be authentic and willing to shed light on your shadows, then healing can be easy.

By accessing the unconscious mind, you speed up the healing process without having to focus on painful memories.

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What you focus on, grows

Have you been to therapists or psychologists and found that your issues became worse! That’s partly because conventional help has been focused on dissecting the problem.

and that feeds the problem.

Which is why my work focuses on the lessons and solutions which empower your heart and soul.

Unlock the power of your unconscious mind to master your mindset and create the reality you desire


Cosmic Consciousness


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The mind is like a garden

The conscious mind is represented by the vegetation of the garden.
Is your garden producing weeds or gorgeous flowers?

The surface of the soil is like the subconscious mind. Here, your present thoughts are planting seeds and if the right conditions exist, it will bear fruit.
This is the level which affirmations function, if you are consistent with the practice.

Deep beneath the soil, lie the roots of all the programming which is currently creating your experience. At this level you can simply pluck out the root and remove the entire weed.

Instead of breaking the weed off above ground (the conscious mind) where it will just continue to grow and reappear, the weed is rooted out and new fertile ground is revealed.

Ready to receive the potent seed of cosmic wisdom and bear the fruit of personal empowerment.

Leading to emotional intelligence, self fulfillment and revealing one’s natural bliss.

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Personal Mastery


Custom program leading you to emotional intelligence, self fulfillment and revealing your natural bliss.

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What my clients say

Sky’s phenomenal, and so much fun!

If you are struggling with any deep rooted psychological hurdles that you haven’t been able to shake, or something from the past that you haven’t been able to let go of, Sky is the coach for you- no doubt about it.

And most amazingly, your transformation is closer than you think!

Joe McVeen

After working with Sky I feel like I’ve discovered who I truly am under all the emotional baggage and triggers and have been able to actually release them.

I finally feel a true sense of joy, peace and love within myself and a connection to all that is.

Kristen Race

I was skeptical at first about what I was getting myself into with Sky. I was dealing with bad anxiety and depression, and was able to be guided out of the hold it had on me. The whole process was intriguing and did more for me than any other form of therapy.

I encourage everyone to enlighten themself, and see what she has to offer.

Thank you, Sky!

Shiloh Felix


Personal mastery is the ability to respond for the greatest benefit of all, in each moment.

It takes a lot to be able to accomplish that. First you must understand the mental programming which has been created through life’s influences which results in the expression of your personality.

Gradually, you gain wisdom as you process the programming and consciously choose new programs.

Eventually this leads to emotional intelligence which is the true hallmark of personal fulfillment.

When you can consistently function from a state of emotional intelligence, you can create the reality of your choosing.


I use various methods to help people transform their trials into triumph. I’ve been trained in NLP, Pranic Healing, Hypnosis, Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, to name just a few.

My programs and services have all been adapted to guide you to connect to cosmic consciousness and help you to identify with your soul. This instantly allows for a higher perspective which increases compassion for self and others, self awareness and personal empowerment.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the understanding that language is the basis of the programming of the mind.

Therefore, by studying the language used, we can diagnose the programming which is creating your experience.

Then, by using NLP techniques, we reprogram the mind to easily and effortlessly respond from an empowered state of mind and open heart.

All my services are specifically designed to ignite your spirit and connect to your soul.

You can expect to be treated with love and compassion and to gently be guided to the hidden dimensions of the mind to access your soul’s wisdom and connect with cosmic consciousness.


You must understand that you are the creator of your reality. You must be willing to take full responsibility for your experiences.

You must have a strong desire to overcome life’s obstacles. You must be determined to learn how to thrive, not just survive.

Finally, you must be able to surrender to the process and listen to your intuition. The process is much easier if you are already familiar with your intuition and have learned to trust it. If that has not happened yet, this will help you to achieve that.

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