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3:1 3:1 ratio of positive to negative emotions in order to have a good life.

Your options

Timeline Therapy

How different would your life be if you were able to completely annihilate grief, fear, worry, self doubt? This session is to completely release a single negative emotion or limiting decision and simultaneously find your cosmic truth. Start transforming your life now.

Past Life Healing

The experiences of our past lives affects us to this day. The people we knew, the vows we take, even the injuries we sustained carry over and complicate our present life. With this session, we will find the life that is causing you the most hardship in this lifetime and heal those relationships, release the vows which no longer serve you, and release any energy blockages which were created in that lifetime.

Parts Integration

Are you constantly feeling conflicted? Pulled apart by the decision making process? Integrate those parts to enjoy a more complete version of yourself.  Or integrate your conscious and unconscious mind to cultivate greater self awareness.

Akashic Record Reading

Are you seeking clarity on a relationship, business, or your life purpose? Gain insight by accessing your own life book in the Akashic Records.

From My Clients

“I recently had the pleasure of being guided through a past life timeline regression therapy by Sky Cardenas.

It was a deeply relaxing, enlightening session and a wonderful experience overall that brought me some much needed, immediate relief from the relentless anxiety which I’ve lived with all my life. The feelings I had and the images I saw while looking out through the eyes of this past self were incredibly vivid and useful to me in the now, allowing me to see more clearly certain issues I carry with me, things which haven’t been touched in many years of psychotherapy. Moreover, I was able to apply these realizations immediately. I consider that a net positive!

Sky herself is a consummate professional, as well as being a lovely person. She is able to guide you safely through these memories and feelings, always taking pains to make sure you know you are in control of the situation. She is perceptive, aware, and centered, and she has a strong command over the process. Her ability to take you through and bring you home again, safe and sound is truly remarkable, and I think that she’s amazing, possessing a true gift for this type of therapy. I would recommend timeline regression therapy to anyone who finds themselves struggling with the same issues over and over again, and perhaps feels stuck in a loop they can’t get out of.

Sky has a great capacity for healing others, truly an old soul. A wonderful and enlightening adventure.”

Valerie Marone

– Past Life Healing