My life’s purpose is to nurture self devotion, develop cosmic wisdom, and help others to reveal their natural bliss

About Me

I have devoted my life to studying consciousness, energy work and spirituality.

My earliest memories are of my grandma teaching yoga and meditation whose teachings infiltrated my unconscious.

My mother took me to my first Pranic Healing class while I was barely out of high school, over two decades ago.

By the time I reached young adulthood, yoga, meditation and the study of consciousness had become a way of life.

Throughout life’s lessons, I have been able to heal through many traumas like sexual abuse and depression.

With the help of time line therapy, yoga, energy healing and hypnosis, I have emerged to live a life of consistent bliss.

Due to experiencing the immense power and the complete transformation of these healings, I realized my life’s purpose was to share these profound techniques with others.

I devoted myself to various trainings and received many certifications, including pranic healing, reiki, breathwork, kundalini yoga and tantra.

My most recent certifications include hypnotherapy, Master NLP Coach and Master Time Line Therapy, which allows me to guide people to completely annihilate negative emotions and limiting decisions, as well as reprogram the mind with new empowering beliefs, resulting in a permanent paradigm shift.

My most recent certification having to do with energy healing is associated certified pranic healer. To complete this certification, I had to successfully complete (successful completion requires at least a 70% improvemt) 25 cases ranging from addiction, depression, loss of vision, disc degeneration, lyme’s disease and more.

A lot of my training has also been self taught as
I am a voracious student.

I have applied much of what I have learned to create my own methods and new forms of healing. These include my own form of sound healing to clear energy blockages and my own spin to past life healing, soul retrieval, and chakra activations to create dynamic balance.

I truly believe it is everyone’s birthright to be empowered and to radiate their natural bliss.

When we can come from that place, we can create a loving world for ourselves, our loved ones and future generations.

“What makes Sky unique beyond all the tools she has at her disposal, is that when you are in her presence you know you are seen for the light of your soul (even if you do not see it yourself) and that you are accepted just as you are. That feeling is liberating and healing in itself.”


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