Energy Healing

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What is energy healing?

Energy healing uses life force energy otherwise known as chi or prana to energize the energy body to increase one’s natural ability to heal. It is not the healer that is healing you, it is your own innate power to heal yourself.

What modality do you use?

I am trained in several healing modalities, including Reiki and Pranic Healing.

How does Pranic Healing differ from Reiki?

Reiki uses divine intelligence to direct the energy to where the body most needs it. Pranic Healing focus’ mainly on cleansing energy before energizing, which I find vital to effective healing. Also, it has a variety of protocols available to use for specific ailments as each ailment produces a specific energetic signature upon the energy body.

What can I expect?

Everyone experiences energy differently. Some may feel no difference, where others may feel a huge shift. Even if you do not feel the energy, you will enjoy the healing benefits. If you are sensitive, you may feel heat, coolness, tingling, greater relaxation or even sleepiness. Whatever you feel or don’t feel, rest assured that it is completely natural for you and that your are being divinely protected.

What is required of me?
It is highly recommended that you shower before the session and be in a place where you can relax uninterrupted. Wear light colored natural fabrics and wait two hours before eating a heavy meal after.

Your options

Energy Healing

Our energy body affects our physical body and mental state. 

By cleansing and energizing our energy body, we strengthen our natural healing abilities.  

Issues such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and even AIDS can be significantly relieved, even completely eradicated.


Animal Energy Healing

Our pets are family and they deserve to feel their very best, too.  Animals are extremely receptive and respond very quickly to the healing energy. 

Energetic Psychotherapy

Enjoy relief from stress, depression, anger and other negative emotions and replace them with joy, self love, confidence, even bliss.  

Energetic Facelift / Weight loss

Enjoy beautiful youthful skin withou tht eneed for surgery.

Remove fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes as well as enjoy tighterskin.

You can also come to this work with the intention to lose weight and stop cravings so you can truly feel your best!


From My Clients

Sky is an extremely warm, friendly, emphatic person. She makes it easy to be vulnerable and open up even the darkest corners of your soul, as you know that she has experienced the darkness herself, and is not judging but unconditionally loving and accepting you. That in itself is extremely rare to find in people. “

Iva Grcic

Sky has been working with me for about a month and I’ve noticed huge improvements even after the first session! She even healed my cat,  Boogie, when he wasn’t feeling good! She’s a breath of fresh air, a beautiful, light spirit, and her energy is powerful and so rejuvenating. She has done tremendous work on both my physical and emotional issues and I feel better every time we have a session. She’s amazing at unblocking specific problem areas in my body. She rocks!!!”

Christina DeMaria