The ability we have to create our reality is immeasurable. I am so grateful for the plethora of tools at my disposal and I am only familiar with my lifetime’s accumulation of tools I could actually learn and incorporate into my life. The multitude of methods is as diverse as the inhabitants of this planet. It’s such a blessing to be able to be open enough to embrace a wide array of modalities.

One such tool I am currently playing with is the ability to shift our values. I have to wonder if Timothy Leary knew of NLP when he said “The brain was designed to design realities.” Truer words have arguably never been spoken. If you know the keys to unlocking the way our brain functions, you can truly mold ANY reality you desire.

Personally, I’m noticing my top life values exist within me, almost like a key of music that resonates my whole being. The very first value resonates my grounding tone, it’s deep, darkly colored and peaceful. The second value is a slightly higher octave with a tinge more brightness. This continues until my fifth value which feels like light that pours out of my crown chakra, showering onto the world around me.

The next set of values exists slightly outside of my core. Still within my physical body, just slightly removed, as if not being charged by my central energy channel, or shushumna, for us yogis. Each successive value is actually quite spaced out and really allows me to see a clear delineation. It’s simply fascinating how the mind organizes all this and even more fascinating is how it’s malleable.

What are you shifting today?