To me, Love is a verb, there must be some action behind it. To love is to accept, to respect, to show appreciation and gratitude, and to provide support where it is needed and able to be given. Love is an opening, a blissful sharing of experience. It is also the breathing in and reveling of one’s essence, the smell, the feel, the sound, the view, the energy.

Love doesn’t have to be directed at another person, it can be directed at all of creation. It can be expressed while we are washing dishes in the form of gratitude for the running water and the food which allowed the service of the dishes and the health which allows for the cleaning. It can be experienced on a simple walk along the neighborhood as appreciation for the fresh air, the plants along the way, the function of the body, and a million other things which are always surrounding us. Including our challenges in life for it is how we learn and grow and stretch in ways we could never have conceived without the challenge.

Most important of all, is when love is directed at self. For it is then when we are able to care enough to truly heal ourselves. It is then when we are able to be motivated for change, to improve ourselves and therefore, improve our experience of life. Once we improve ourselves and continue to grow under the guidance of love, we will be able to overflow and impact those around us. Since love is acceptance, the desire to change people will fall away and we will be able to positively influence people by example and find ways where our service of love will be accepted and celebrated. Through these ripple effects of the love vibration, we can and will change the world.

So please, dear friend, I beseech you to fall in love. Fall in love with all of creation, from the rocks to the wind to the cars to the smog to the greed (I know, challenging at first. Just try and watch that love muscle grow!) to the weeds in your garden, to the food on your plate, to the neighbor you want to hate. Just let it all go and surrender to the love. What good has all that baggage you have been hanging on to been doing for you anyway? Just let it go and fly within the force of love. Let love give you wings to fly infinitely higher.

I was blessed with my wings. Won’t you join your higher self and fly with me?