The Healing Lounge

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Enjoy deeper sleep, greater vitality and support all your systems of health

Are you experiencing fatigue?

Life takes its toll. It can leave you feeling drained and it can compromise your health.

Pain and lack of good rest limits your body’s natural ability to heal. This can open the door to autoimmune disease and lower the quality of your life.

Dirty energy accumulates as we go through life

And just like you shower every day to wash off the dirt from the day, you also need to wash off the dirty energy.

If you don’t regularly cleanse your energy, it can become congested and create blockages, leading to all sorts of disease.

Most of us don’t have a way of cleansing our energy regularly, which is why I have created a membership program to consistently and regularly cleanse your energy and support your health.

This membership is a shower for your energy body.

You will enjoy a greater sense of vitality, lightness of being, pain reduction and a stronger system.

The healing sessions are delivered as you sleep, allowing for deeper rest, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to meet the day.

The sessions will be sent twice a week, on Monday and Thursday evenings PDT.

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Congested Energy and the link to Disease

Why I created Group memberships

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What’s Included

  • Cutting Cords

  • Aura & Chakra Cleansing

  • Cleansing of Major Organs (liver, kidneys, brain, etc)

  • Support the Major Bodily Systems (circulatory, endocrine glands, skeletal, nervous system, etc)

  • 2 Energy Healing Sessions per Week

  • Bi-Weekly Zoom Sessions

  • Private Facebook Group

Join Now for only $108/mo

You don’t have to live in physical anguish.
Nurture your health at the lounge.

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In This Program You Will

  • Release old connections which drain you
  • Consistent, improved energy flow which results in greater vitality
  • Speed up the rate of healing
  • Improved functionality of all your organs
  • Enjoy deep, recuperative sleep
  • Wake up charged to meet your day
  • Cleanse your blood
  • Balance your hormones
  • Strengthen your skeletal system
  • Calm your nervous system
Join Now for only $108/mo

What my clients say

I’ve been a part of Sky Cardenas energy healing. In a group program where the energy is delivered while I sleep. And seriously being able to receive her gifts with such little effort on my end is so incredibly valuable. I totally notice the difference. I sleep better. I wake up more refreshed and energized. I also had some pain specific to my situation which is also better when I wake up now .It’s also created this nice consistency. Meaning I sustain it throughout the week and have found over the past several weeks this energy lift that has been consistent and sustained.

Shannon Rae

I had amazing vivid lucid dreams and slept for 15 hrs catching up from jet lag. Wow. Loved it!! I miss having lucid dreams it was a real treat!

Christina DeMaria

I had an ovarian cyst burst yesterday evening and normally I would be very unwell and sore today. It’s almost like my body waited to do it until last night because of the healing! I was doing the prep-work for it when it happened! After receiving the group healing, in my sleep, I woke up right as rain!

Jessa Grace


Energy healing uses life force energy otherwise known as chi or prana to energize the energy body to increase one’s natural ability to heal. It is not the healer that is healing you, it is your own innate power to heal yourself.

I am trained in several healing modalities, including Reiki and Pranic Healing.

Reiki uses divine intelligence to direct the energy to where the body most needs it. It does not include any form of cleansing before energizing. Pranic Healing focus’ mainly on cleansing energy before energizing, which I find vital to effective healing. Also, it has a variety of protocols available to use for specific ailments as each ailment produces a specific energetic signature upon the energy body.

Everyone experiences energy differently. Most likely, you will not feel anything during the session because you will be asleep. You will enjoy the healing benefits once you wake up. You will notice you can sleep deeper, feel more rested, have more energy and have greater calm. If you are sensitive, you may feel heat, coolness, tingling or any variety of sensations. Whatever you feel or don’t feel, rest assured that it is completely natural for you and that your are being divinely protected.

You will need to send a current pic so I can connect to your energy. It is highly recommended that you shower before going to bed. Drink lots of water the following day.

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