Timeline Therapy

Time Line Therapy is a powerful technique allowing for the complete annihilation of negative emotions, limiting decisions, and releasing the various charges of traumatic events. The key to the efficiency of this technique is it’s focus on finding the root cause of an issue and dissolving it from its source. This root cause lies beyond the scope of the conscious mind which is only aware of 5% of our experience and is why most methods are merely scratching the surface.


Finding the root cause is done by working directly with the unconscious mind which automatically organizes events along a Time Line. Our unconscious programming is created during events which the unconscious mind deems as significant or traumatic and is ultimately what drives us and dictates our decisions, actions, feelings and experiences. Through Time Line Therapy, we are able to deprogram the current tendencies and reprogram the unconscious mind with positive behaviors and thought processes permanently where the transformation is practically instantaneous.


One by one, each release allows for a greater sense of lightness, openness and emotional freedom. As the emotional clutter becomes cleared, the divine light and natural bliss which is our natural essence can finally shine through and radiate love and compassion to all.

Time Line Therapy Demonstration