The Prosperity Lounge

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Imagine checking your bank account with confidence and excitement, knowing that the balance is consistently rising.

We all want greater abundance

You may have no idea what’s standing in your way.

You’re determined. You devote yourself to your goals and you still seem to have reached a plateau.

Energy affects everything, including your prosperity.

If your energy isn’t flowing, neither are your finances, or any other measure of success and abundance.

Your mindset and emotions matter. The energy in your chakras, your home, your office, the people you surround yourself with. It all matters.

Remove the energy blocks and open the door to prosperity.

Sometimes we don’t know what blocks us

Maybe you feel unworthy, or doubt your abilities. Maybe you lack the confidence to act on your intuition.

Let me assure you, you deserve abundance. You are a divine spark of the ultimate and that alone makes you deserving to achieve all your dreams and goals.

Let energy work for you

Remove the self sabotage, overwhelm and pressure.

Breakthrough the abundance blocks that are limiting you.

The healing sessions will be delivered as you sleep, allowing for deeper rest, so you can wake up feeling refreshed, motivated and inspired.

The sessions will be sent twice a week, on Monday and Thursday evenings PDT.

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Abundance Blocks

Prosperity Energy

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What’s Included

  • Cutting Cords

  • Aura Cleansing

  • Removal of abundance blocks

  • Disintegrate vows of poverty

  • Relieve self doubt, worry, fear

  • Activate your prosperity energy

  • 2 Energy Healing Sessions per Week

  • Bi-Weekly Zoom Sessions

  • Private Facebook Group

Join Now for only $222/mo

You don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck.
Nurture your prosperity and abundance at the lounge.

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In This Program You Will

  • Release old connections which drain your prosperity energy
  • Consistent, improved energy flow which results in greater vitality
  • Relieve worry, doubt, fear, pessimism
  • Magnetize more opportunities and greater abundance
  • Greater inspiration and motivation to accomplish your goals
  • Increased prosperity consciousness
  • Enjoy deep, recuperative sleep
Join Now for only $222/mo

What my clients say

My gods Sky, you continue to blow me away. I have been struggling with self-sabotage for a long time. My energy and desire to tackle things I’m struggling with in my business is increasing. I’m feeling more motivated.

I love the resources you provide and the directions so that I can be an active participant and aid in the healing.

Today out of nowhere I received a request to be interviewed for the work I’m doing in my new coaching business.

Thank you thank you thank you!

JD Bowen

I did have money flow to me easily and effortlessly. I received a micro grant for the community work I’m doing. I didn’t apply. The organization has been following my work. They made the announcements yesterday.

Crystal Forman

I can honestly say that her work helped me so much! I had many vivid dreams that helped me to work through some issues, including the fact that living in abundance has been so foreign for me that I constantly self sabotage it. After this past month with Sky and having worked through these issues, I can honestly say I feel ready to receive the abundance that is out there for me, and I feel my mindset and vision for the future have shifted dramatically because of her work.

Heather Herring-Boli


Energy healing uses life force energy otherwise known as chi or prana to energize the energy body to increase one’s natural ability to heal. It is not the healer that is healing you, it is your own innate power to heal yourself.

I am trained in several healing modalities, including Reiki and Pranic Healing.

Reiki uses divine intelligence to direct the energy to where the body most needs it. It does not include any form of cleansing before energizing. Pranic Healing focus’ mainly on cleansing energy before energizing, which I find vital to effective healing. Also, it has a variety of protocols available to use for specific ailments as each ailment produces a specific energetic signature upon the energy body.

Everyone experiences energy differently. Most likely, you will not feel anything during the session because you will be asleep. You will enjoy the healing benefits once you wake up. You will notice you can sleep deeper, feel more rested, have more energy and have greater calm. If you are sensitive, you may feel heat, coolness, tingling or any variety of sensations. Whatever you feel or don’t feel, rest assured that it is completely natural for you and that your are being divinely protected.

You will need to send a current pic so I can connect to your energy. It is highly recommended that you shower before going to bed. Drink lots of water the following day.

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