The Inner Peace Lounge

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Naturally and easily let go of stress and anxiety so you can cherish the moments worth living.

Stress is a natural part of life

You deal with it at home, in the workplace, even in your car as you drive around.

You can feel the tension in a room after someone has had an argument. That energy can then attach itself to you.

How we respond to stress affects the quality of our life

On top of all that, there’s the chatter of your own mind and your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Many become overwhelmed and experience anxiety, depression, or may turn to food or other addicitve behaviors.

It’s no wonder you feel drained and exhausted by the end of the day.

Almost all disease originates with stress, no matter what the source.

And just like you shower every day to wash off the dirt from the day, you also need to wash off the negative energy.

Most of us don’t have a way of doing that regularly. Which is why I have created a membership program to consistently release the emotional baggage and stop the anxiety.

This membership is a shower for your energy body.

You will enjoy a greater sense of inner peace, self love, inner strength, and joy.

The healing sessions will be delivered as you sleep, allowing for deeper rest, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to meet the day with authentic positivity.

The sessions will be sent twice a week, on Monday and Thursday evenings PDT.

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Negative Thoughts Forms


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What’s Included:

  • Cutting Cords

  • Removal of Negative Thought Forms

  • Recharging with Positive Emotion

  • Sealing the Chakral Web

  • Auric & Chakral Shielding

  • 2 Energy Healing Sessions per Week

  • Bi-Weekly Zoom Sessions

  • Private Facebook Group

Join Now for only $108

You don’t have to live in emotional anguish.
Find your inner peace at the lounge.

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In This Program You Will

  • Release old connections which drain you
  • Relieve negative emotions – anxiety, stress, depression, resentment
  • Increase positive emotions – inner peace, self love, confidence, joy
  • Improved inner strength so you can remain calm in times of stress
  • Protection from negative energy in the environment or from others
  • Enjoy deep, recuperative sleep
  • Improved emotions can also help alleviate physical symptoms of autoimmune diseases
Join Now for only $108/mo

What my clients say

I had to do a little public speaking at a staff meeting and I survived! I normally stutter thru and get super quiet but not this time. Also had some off schedule things happen at work and just rolled with the punches. With my anxiety and depression that’s almost unheard of.

Jenn Berichia

I went to the company awards banquet and really enjoyed it!! No anxiety or stress!!

Teresa Jackson

The last two years I woke up in the middle of the night and always around 3 AM but I usually always go back to sleep. I am actually sleeping through now and feeling like something has lifted. Experiencing Happiness I haven’t felt in a long time. And actually making sense of dreams & working on forgiveness more then I ever have. What a blessing!

Barbara Loss


Energy healing uses life force energy otherwise known as chi or prana to energize the energy body to increase one’s natural ability to heal. It is not the healer that is healing you, it is your own innate power to heal yourself.

I am trained in several healing modalities, including Reiki and Pranic Healing.

Reiki uses divine intelligence to direct the energy to where the body most needs it. It does not include any form of cleansing before energizing. Pranic Healing focus’ mainly on cleansing energy before energizing, which I find vital to effective healing. Also, it has a variety of protocols available to use for specific ailments as each ailment produces a specific energetic signature upon the energy body.

Everyone experiences energy differently. Most likely, you will not feel anything during the session because you will be asleep. You will enjoy the healing benefits once you wake up. You will notice you can sleep deeper, feel more rested, have more energy and have greater calm. If you are sensitive, you may feel heat, coolness, tingling or any variety of sensations. Whatever you feel or don’t feel, rest assured that it is completely natural for you and that your are being divinely protected.

You will need to send a current pic so I can connect to your energy. It is highly recommended that you shower before going to bed. Drink lots of water the following day.

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