Working with SKy was nothing short of amazing for me.

  • I went from; This chic wants to charge me how much an hour???;  no way, that’s ridiculous!!!  to wow she totally could charge more lol
  • I realize I had to be willing to go deep but what a blessing this was for me.
  • I literally got my wings back and remembered how to fly again today!!
  • Not only did I know it and feel out in my heart right away.

I also received extra confirmation from my entourage later that night, that yes in deed my wings were back and more beautiful than ever.

Figured the least I could do was share my joy so others would follow their intuition and do a session with Sky.

  • If you are serious about getting to the root of an issue and the rest of the path of that issue as well!
  • The choice to free yourself is so powerful and Sky is a wonderful guide.
  • Thank you again! Namaste and Blessings Thacia