• I’ve had two fantastic experiential sessions with Sky that have been absolutely amazing!
  • The first session was for manifesting for the future.
  • We had a wonderful conversation about where we had gotten to in a year’s time.
  • This conversation helped me to recharge my ambitions and feel absolutely validated on my path.
  • The second session was timeline therapy to help resolve a feeling of guilt.
  • Even as a holistic practitioner myself, I still am amazed at how many things we hold on to 🙂
  • Sky is so loving and gentle in her work!

She guided me to see the things that needed to be seen, and helped me create positive affirmations/statements to help move past the lessons that were holding me back.

I am ever grateful for the work we have done together and highly encourage anyone who feels drawn to work with Sky, to definitely set up an appointment or get a message out to her!

Spirit will help you to know when the time is right … and Sky is an excellent vessel of this fantastic light work!