I have a 1 year old cat, Misty, and she has spent the last 3 months in and out of the vet’s.

I have spent more than $2000 on healing her before a friend recommended Sky!

Misty first had issues with a food allergy.

Then she was attacked by something that came to our balcony, and she had a muscle deep wound on her neck!

The vet sutured her, but she took off the stitches. Then he sutured her again, but then the wound got infected and was discharging a lot of puss.

Then she got antibiotics to help fight the infection.

But until Sky did her distance energy healing, I was constantly worried if the wound would ever heal. (Misty took off one of the sutures again, and after the infection seemed to go away, it came back again before Sky did her thing).

Sky’s healing helped and the wound healed in a few days after the session!

The wound looked amazing for something that looked so disgusting a few days before.


Before Sky’s session Misty was barely drinking any water.

Three days after Sky’s healing, not only did Misty start drinking so much water I had to get her a new, large water bowl, but she also grew in size!

Of course, she is a 1 year old cat that is still growing, but both me and my friend who was staying with me those days, have noticed that OVERNIGHT Misty’s body grew in length and
width, and her head was bigger.

We were both looking at her dumbfounded, wondering how such a VERY noticeable difference was possible basically overnight.

I’m guessing that there was a lot of constipated energy inside her, causing her to be sick for 3 months and healing very very slowly.

After Sky worked on Misty and balanced her energy, she must have released the flow and Misty is finally developing the way she is supposed to.

Thank you Sky! I wish I had you by our side since day 1. Next time I will.