This is a two part breakdown of my experience with Sky. —– This is what I journaled before starting to work with her:

A month an a half ago I was cuddling with my youngest on a lovely  Sunday morning, his foot caught my eye and that is how it all started.

  • 24 hours later I am with an eye surgeon with a bright blue light in my eye…
  • And yet, after 6 weeks I am still in pain.
  • Things are better, but still not. I have hit a wall. Things stopped healing.

My eye burns whenever I am in sunlight or when I look at my screen for more than 20 minutes… and I am just… done.

Sky Cardenas offered me her help and, I couldn’t say no.

The fact that she specializes in this was a sign.

How am I feeling before I get her help?

Empowered. Someone who follows me, knows me, and trusts me is asking me to follow, know, and trust her… lots of feelings here.

  • Brave. I know I need more than the doctors have to offer (it takes time…”) —–
  • This is what happened while working with Sky
  • I followed Sky’s instructions to the letter.
  • Even going without my glasses for extended periods of time!
  • I felt her starting each session. I felt a pull to breath fully and rest intentionally.
  • After each session there was SUCH change!
  • Not just in my eye but in what felt like my entire body chemistry.
  • I could smell, hear, and of course SEE better.

She received powerful and insightful messages regarding my situation that at first seemed confusing, but upon ‘experiencing’ the changes they all became VERY apparent.

So much to work through!

The next morning after our first session the pain was MUCH less and I could stand to be in the sunlight the first part of the day.

She even worked on me while I was sleeping!!

What I REALLY appreciated about working with Sky was that she was constantly looking for an update throughout the day.

  • If at any moment things were not progressing she was ON IT!
  • After a few days of consistent work I was able to see, be out in the sun, and work on the computer!!
  • All things my eye doctor would take months to happen, if they happened at all.
  • Sky is a true gift with a true gift. If I hadn’t met her I would still be suffering.
  • I wish everyone could have seen the look on my eye surgeons face! Priceless!

Thank you Sky!