I recently had the pleasure of being guided through a past life timeline regression therapy by Sky Cardenas.

  • It was a deeply relaxing, enlightening session and a wonderful
  • experience overall that brought me some much needed, immediate relief
  • from the relentless anxiety which I’ve lived with all my life.

The feelings I had and the images I saw while looking out through the eyes of this past self were incredibly vivid and useful to me in the now, allowing me to see more clearly certain issues I carry with me, things which haven’t been touched in many years of psychotherapy.

  • Moreover, I was able to apply these realizations immediately. I consider that a net positive!
  • Sky herself is a consummate professional, as well as being a lovely person.
  • She is able to guide you safely through these memories and feelings, always taking pains to make sure you know you are in control of the situation.
  • She is perceptive, aware, and centered, and she has a strong command over the process.

Her ability to take you through and bring you home again, safe and sound is truly remarkable, and I think that she’s amazing, possessing a true gift for this type of therapy.

  • I would recommend timeline regression therapy to anyone who finds
  • themselves struggling with the same issues over and over again, and
  • perhaps feels stuck in a loop they can’t get out of.
  • Sky has a great capacity for healing others, truly an old soul.
  • A wonderful and enlightening adventure.