I am about to sing praises about Sky!

I met her because I wanted to quit smoking.

I’ve smoked for 16 years total, and have tried the patches, gum, cold turkey, weaning slowly, weaning quickly, everything except something metaphysical (which is a wonder
because it seems so obvious now ha!).

I was NERVOUS about giving up something I’ve been doing for almost half my life, but when I spoke to Sky, I felt more comfortable.

I immediately felt like Sky was perfect to work with. She’s professional but not stuffy and rigid, she’s amiable, sweet, and a beautiful soul.

  • She gave me clear instructions, and was going to be with me when I had a craving, which I found comforting.
  • However, I never needed to contact her outside of our appointments because I never really had any real cravings!!
  • From the very first session, I have been able to EASILY stop smoking!!
  • I have tears in my eyes right now because I never would have thought this could be done.
  • I thought I was going to just suffer for weeks on end by white knuckling it.
  • Sky, I’ve already told you I can’t thank you enough but I still want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

I hope and pray that you flourish in your energy work and life itself, because you truly have helped not only me, but my 3 year old daughter who now has a healthier mommy.

Blessed be, Love and Light 💖💖