Tired of wasting your hard earned money on expensive cigarettes?

Do you despise the thought of having to go out into the cold to get your next nicotine fix?

Do you want to continue being a slave to the smoking habit?

And what about the smell? 

 Worst of all, are you concerned that your smoking habit will one day kill you?

Do you want to quit, but you’re afraid of white knuckling it through another attempt?

What if you didn’t have to fight to quit? 

What if you could bypass the mood swings and the massive cravings? 

Imagine if instead of worrying about where to go outside for a smoke, you can concern yourself with what to do with all the free time you now have. 

There’s more to addiction than most people are aware of. There is energy blocked in the chakras (energy centers) which constantly feed the desire to smoke. 

In this program, I clear up the energy in your chakras that feeds the smoking habit.  

Allowing you to quit, easily and effortlessly.


After your first session, the cravings will be drastically reduced. 

You will be able to enjoy greater emotional resiliency and you will have so much time on your hands, you will be wondering what hobby to take up. 

You will be proud to set a healthy example for your kids and finally enable your family to stop worrying.

No more worrying about where to go for that smoke break or what you smell like.

You will no longer be plagued by that smokers cough and will be able to enjoy full, deep breaths. 

You will have greater energy and feel charged. 

You will even get to enjoy the taste of food more.


You no longer enjoy smoking and simply don’t have the strength to quit. 

You have tried other methods and they just don’t seem to work for you. 

That’s simply because of the addictive energy that’s trapped in your chakras. By removing that, we remove any lingering desire to smoke. 


We have all tried to do something that seemed insurmountable. For many of us, it’s when our health begins to fail that we finally make the change.

For me, it was when I got whiplash. Depression is a side effect of whiplash and I was the most depressed I had ever been. It took all my determination to keep my focus away from suicide and on what I wanted for myself. I concentrated on solutions. 

Realizing grief is stored in the lungs, I knew that I had to quit smoking to release the excess mucus which locked in my grief energy. 

After years of trying to quit, that’s when I was finally able to stop. It was either quit smoking or live a life of depression. I wanted more out of life.

I know you want more out of life too and I want to help you get it. When you feel better, you have the energy and the motivation to do more. To be more.

 And that has a ripple effect. 


That’s why I want to work with you and help you. So we can ripple out and make this a better world. 


It starts with me and it starts with you. 


Who will you effect? How will your ripple change the world?  


I am so devoted to helping you to prioritize your health, you can pay me weekly, AFTER you have saved a weeks worth of cigarette money. The average person smokes a pack a day. In my area smokes are $7 a pack. If we multiple that by 7 days, that would be $49/week. It would take 5 payments to cover the full cost of the program. Then you would be free and clear and stacking your savings after that.

Not only can you afford it, you can’t afford NOT to do it.


Maybe you have even avoided going on dates because you felt stinky and unattractive and didn’t want to admit to being a smoker.

Even if you’ve tried quitting a thousand times before, this can work for you because now you will be washing away the addictive energy. 

No need to be nervous. I will be available to you, to support you anytime a craving happens. 

All that is required of you is to have a strong desire to quit and to be able to set aside 30 min to relax and set the intention to be receptive. 

You can do this anywhere. Even in the comfort of your own car! 

(Please no driving during the session as you may find it so peaceful that you very possibly might doze off!)

Just click the take action button, fill out the intake form, schedule 3 sessions for the first week, and enjoy a smoke free life. 

You have the option of paying a one time payment of $222, or pay in 5 weekly installments of $49.00



In Their Own Words:


I am about to sing praises about Sky! I met her because I wanted to quit smoking. I’ve smoked for 16 years total, and have tried the patches, gum, cold turkey, weaning slowly, weaning quickly, everything except something metaphysical(which is a wonder because it seems so obvious now ha!). I was NERVOUS about giving up something I’ve been doing for almost half my life, but when I spoke to Sky, I felt more comfortable. I immediately felt like Sky was perfect to work with. She’s professional but not stuffy and rigid, she’s amiable, sweet, and a beautiful soul. She gave me clear instructions, and was going to be with me when I had a craving, which I found comforting. However, I never needed to contact her outside of our appointments because I never really had any real cravings!! From the very first session, I have been able to EASILY stop smoking!! I have tears in my eyes right now because I never would have thought this could be done. I thought I was going to just suffer for weeks on end by white knuckling it. Sky, I’ve already told you I can’t thank you enough but I still want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I hope and pray that you flourish in your energy work and life itself, because you truly have helped not only me, but my 3 year old daughter who now has a healthier mommy. Blessed be, Love and Light 💖💖 – Aria