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Your Natural Bliss is Inside of you - Let's let it Out!


This is it.

You will feel empowered like you never knew was possible. You will feel unstoppable and know that whatever you want, you can achieve. 


You will feel constantly inspired and have the motivation and energy to put the inspiration into action. You will feel lighter, like nothing can hold you down. You will experience greater joy, even bliss. You will be able to forgive those who have hurt you, including yourself allowing for more love and compassion in your life.


You will feel lighter, like nothing can hold you down. 


You will experience greater joy, even Bliss. You will be able to forgive those who have hurt you, including yourself allowing for more love and compassion in your life.

What is Included:

Each of these elements are powerful on their own .

Combined in this powerful and life changing program – they are the path to Natural Bliss. 

1. In-Depth Personal History
  • Opportunity to be heard with compassion
  • Develop custom program fit to your unique needs
  • Confidence knowing your issues will be resolved
2. Parts Integration -Integrate Conscious with the Unconscious
  • Greater awareness of your thoughts, actions, triggers and behaviors so that you may bring them into your conscious awareness for resolution
  • Greater self love and compassion
  • Understanding of your needs and boundaries
  • Resolve internal conflicts so you can take decisive action
3. Time Line Therapy (TLT)
  • Release of major negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Positive Mindset
  • Greater sense of personal freedom & fulfillment
  • Confidence
  • Inner Peace
  • Release of triggers
  • Greater health and energy
  • Motivation
  • Feeling of being unstoppable
  • Empowere


4. Pranic Psychotherapy
  • Clearing of negative thought forms within your energy field
  • Greater freedom
  • Greater vitality
  • Free from negative thoughts and feelings
5. Values Alignment
  • Greater sense of fulfillment
  • Inspiration to fulfill your life’s purpose
  • Effortless motivation
6. EFT
  • Confidence to know you can handle any bumps on the road
7. TLT Goals
  • Ability to manifest quicker and easier
  • Confidence to go after your dreams
8. Anchoring
  • Freedom to choose how to feel in an instant
9. Custom Hypnosis
  • Program new behaviors and thoughts 
  • Effortlessly shift behavior
  • Freedom to sculpt your life however you please
10. Personal Coaching
  • Continued support to integrate new paradigm
  • Confidence for a smooth transition into a new fulfilling life


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My experience with Sky was nothing short of transformative, on so many layers!

She has such deep empathy because she has been wounded herself and has gone through the same process that she guides others through now. Through every interaction she radiates the bliss and unconditional love that are the result of her own transformation. It’s so beautiful to witness what you yourself will be getting as a result of working with her, that you can’t wait to get started!


When I came to her I knew (some of) my issues, and I had in mind what I wanted to heal and who I wanted to be so that I can live the life of my dreams. A fearless, liberated existence. 

So, we had our first Time Line Therapy session. After it was done, I felt that I have released some things, some fears, some guilt, resistance etc. But I also knew that I haven’t fully allowed my conscious mind to let go of control and my unconscious to take over, which is crucial for Time Line Therapy. As a perfectionist and a bit of a control addict, that was an issue I had no idea how to solve. Thankfully, Sky truly has a map to your mind and has done a parts integration session before we continued on with Time Line Therapy, and in it she helped me let go and dive into the unconscious where the true magic of healing happens.


Also, Sky realised that I had suffered from PTSD as a result of my father’s death. I couldn’t believe that as I have always been a happy, positive, jolly person. But after the next session where we dove in deeper, and she helped me release my traumas, I felt totally different!

I didn’t only feel a difference in my emotions, but for the first time I could also remember parts of my childhood as well as remember my dad as a moving, joyous image (instead of a still and stern one, which he never was). More than that, as my subconscious was no longer using up so much energy to suppress emotions and memories, which I had no idea it was doing until I felt a difference in my day to day energy levels. And it was drastic. Ever since I was a kid I had a habit of afternoon naps. They were mandatory for me. But after our sessions I didn’t take a single nap! It’s just incredible! 


Now, after some months have passed, I’ve had even more perception shifts and realisations as a result of the sessions we did. So there is a continued effect to be felt. I feel lighter, happier, like my memory is better and my mind is more vibrant. The trauma that I carried and chucked aside has turned into a BLESSING and a lesson that has helped me evolve on many levels. I am no longer hindered by fears and issues that stemmed from the trauma, but empowered with a new perception on life. Which is what I came to sky for, among other things I mentioned. 


Sky is an extremely warm, friendly, emphatic person. She makes it easy to be vulnerable and open up even the darkest corners of your soul, as you know that she has experienced the darkness herself, and is not judging but unconditionally loving and accepting you. That in itself is extremely rare to find in people. 


With her highly attuned perception, intuition, depth of knowledge on many subjects around healing ( physical, mental, emotional, and energetic), and her personal experience with them as she searched for her own healing, she is extremely well equipped to guide anyone towards the transformation they desire. If you doubt that, she will unlock that block for you and open you up for the transformation that leads to a life free of limitations, fears, guilt, shame, anxiety… Sky and her holistic methods can truly take anyone towards a life of bliss, personal power, and freedom. Take the leap, there is nothing to regret!

Iva Grcic