Do You Dare To Dream of Bliss?


Emotional Mastery

Most people are controlled by their emotions and don’t realize they can master them easily. 

Personal Fulfillment

Reignite your passions and learn the secrets to manifest your biggest dreams. 

Natural Bliss

Release the heaviness that weighs you down and reconnect with your divine nature and natural bliss. 

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Life is Too Short to Live in Emotional Anguish

Emotional anguish can leave you in a dark place. It’s time to turn your light back on. Reveal your natural bliss.

What I offer

I Don’t Want You Just Healed. I Want You Empowered.

Self Love * Mindset Mastery * Soul Connection

Emotional Healing Services

Most people are controlled by their emotions and don’t realize they can master them easily. Free yourself and release your negative emotions and limiting beliefs once and for all.

Mindset Mastery

Everything we experience is a result of what we think and feel. Empower yourself by reprogramming new beliefs which will give you the confidence and motivation to go after your dreams.

Self-Actualization Coaching

Many of us have no idea what we truly want or how to go about getting it. Get the clarity you need to dream big and realize your greatest potential.

Love is a Verb

Love is a Verb

To me, Love is a verb, there must be some action behind it. To love is to accept, to respect, to show appreciation and gratitude, and to provide support where it is needed and able to be given. Love is an opening, a blissful sharing of experience. It is also the...

Shifting Values

Shifting Values

The ability we have to create our reality is immeasurable. I am so grateful for the plethora of tools at my disposal and I am only familiar with my lifetime's accumulation of tools I could actually learn and incorporate into my life. The multitude of methods is as...

The Magic of Gratitude

The Magic of Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the things I incorporated into my life many years ago. The benefits were immediately obvious. The ability to bring yourself into a state of gratitude is the ability to bring yourself out of a state of lacking and into a state of abundance. No...

I’m an energy healer guiding the spiritual seeker to heal mind, body and soul. My services include programs to release negative emotions, heal physical ailments, provide spiritual guidance and so much more.

My greatest passion lies in assisting people to break through whatever blocks them. I am a servant of the divine, dedicated to help people heal and actualize their greatest potential and enjoy their natural bliss.

Divine love & infinite blessings <3


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I would recommend Sky to anyone who is willing to look inward and heal themselves. I feel lighter and at peace after my session. Thank you for your positive energy and healing, Sky!

Kimberly Holmes – Past Life Healing