Suggested Guidelines to Facilitate Greater Healing for Sleep Delivery

Healing is a complex issue. There are many contributing factors and many things which can be done to facilitate greater healing. Here is a full list of suggested guidelines. These are merely guidelines, none of which are requirements. However, I do highly recommend you adhere to number 6 as we want the healing energy to have as long as possible to permeate your being.

Please adopt what best fits your schedule and temperament. The more you can do the better.

1. Take a shower with a salt scrub at least once a week, preferably several times a week. Optimal would be just prior to treatment. Make sure to cover your entire body and wait 5 min before rinsing. If you prefer to take a bath, be sure to get out before 30 min or you will begin to reabsorb the dirty energy. Make sure you do not use epsom salts. You can use regular table salt or get the big bags of water softener from a hardware store. In a bath, use 2 pounds minimum per regular sized tub.

2. Before going to sleep, say the following affirmation at least three times “I completely, deeply, and permanently accept, absorb, and assimilate the divine healing energy. Thank you. So be it.” You may repeat this several times throughout the following day, as you feel called.

3. If you do not have high blood pressure, do twin hearts meditation after saying the above affirmation and before going to sleep. If you do have high blood pressure, do the meditation in step 8 instead.

4. Play om in the background to help dissolve negative energy. This is a good option and feel free to find your own.

5. After the healing, be sure to drink lots of water and get lots of rest. Honor your body and the healing process.

6. Do not bathe for a minimum of 12 hours, longer if possible. The divine healing energy will continue to assimilate for up to 3 days.

7. Wear light colored, natural fibers and remove any rubber, leather, silk and crystals from your body.

8. Practicing forgiveness is helpful to healing karma. Negative karma can be a contributing factor with persistent ailments. The following is a wonderful forgiveness practice.

9. Being of service is also helpful to healing karma. Specifically in areas having to do with the challenges you are facing. For example, if you are dealing with cancer, it is helpful to find ways to assist others dealing with cancer.

10. Tithing is yet another way to help create good healing karma. It is advised to donate to charities which help with the condition you are facing for both immediate assistance, such as helping to pay for cancer treatments for others, and for long term assistance such as donating to cancer research.

If any questions arise, please feel free to reach out. I am here as your humble servant and guide.

Thank you for allowing me to facilitate this healing energy for you. I am honored to be a channel for divine healing.

Divine Love & Infinite Blessings,

-Sky Cardenas