Festivals are a welcome escape from the mundane world. They provide a place where we can forget our stresses and provide some much needed celebration of life. The hectic lives we lead are put on hold and we surrender to the present moment as we get to explore music, interactive art, conscious social movements and so much more. The potential for adventure exists at all times.

There are journeys which can be experienced outside of yourself in the material realm and there are journeys which can be experienced within yourself in the internal realms. Any person who meditates with any consistency will be able to talk about the inner landscape. Many of us enjoy playing and celebrating in both realms.

I have created a special offering for festival participants who enjoy exploring the internal realms, a journey through a past life. Expert and loving guidance will be provided to either heal a past life, or to integrate traits from a past life you would like to master now. Both extremely powerful experiences which create a greater sense of love and wholeness.

These offerings are separate from my regular services as my regular services are deeply transformative and healing. This is merely a playful offering for the adventurous souls.



Past Life Journey $150

Private 1:1 Session up to one hour

Would you like to know if you were a high priestess or warrior in a past life? Perhaps you would like to remember a life where you enjoyed great adventures, or a fairy tale love. Well now you can bring back a memory to inspire you because it was you.


Past Life Healing $150

Private 1:1 Session up to one hour

Is there a past relationship you just can’t release? Maybe you have blocked energy in your body that you just can’t explain? Release the things which no longer serve you.

Other Services

Emotional Healing Services

Most people are controlled by their emotions and don’t realize they can master them easily. Free yourself and release your negative emotions and limiting beliefs once and for all.

Mindset Mastery

Everything we experience is a result of what we think and feel. Empower yourself by reprogramming new beliefs which will give you the confidence and motivation to go after your dreams.

Self-Actualization Coaching

Many of us have no idea what we truly want or how to go about getting it. Get the clarity you need to dream big and realize your greatest potential.