Energy Healing Services

All sessions are 1:1 distant healing   $108

Energy Healing

Our energy body affects our physical body and mental state.  By cleansing and energizing our energy body, we strengthen our natural healing abilities.  Issues such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and even AIDS can be significantly relieved, even completely eradicated.   



Energetic Psychotherapy 

Enjoy relief from stress, depression, anger and other negative emotions and replace them with joy, self love, confidence, even bliss.  


Energy Facelift or Weight Loss

Enjoy beautiful youthful skin without the need for surgery. Remove fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and enjoy tighter skin.  Or lose weight and the cravings so you can look and feel your best.  


Animal Energy Healing

Our pets are family and they deserve to feel their very best, too.  Animals are extremely receptive and respond very quickly to the healing energy. 


Other Services

Emotional Healing Services

Most people are controlled by their emotions and don’t realize they can master them easily. Free yourself and release your negative emotions and limiting beliefs once and for all.

Personal Mastery

Everything we experience is a result of what we think and feel. Empower yourself by reprogramming new beliefs which will give you the confidence and motivation to go after your dreams.

Self-Actualization Coaching

Many of us have no idea what we truly want or how to go about getting it. Get the clarity you need to dream big and realize your greatest potential.