Back to Balance Practitioner Sky Cardenas of Diversified Healing presents our next event, “Demystifying Energy Healing” to help you get in touch with your energy field, including your aura and your chakras and how they can affect your life experience.⁠

Here are a few of the topics she will cover:

  • How the scientific method was applied to formulate pranic healing
  • The basics of your aura and your chakras
  • Which chakras are personally out of balance and what you can do to harmonize them
  • How energy contributes to disease
  • What is energy healing and how it can benefit you personally
  • How negative energy can affect your emotions and even your beliefs
  • Tips to cleanse your own aura and chakras to improve your vitality
  • How to program a cactus to disintegrate negative thought forms so you can enjoy a peaceful and harmonious environment

⁠The session is being held on Aug 8th at 2pm PST.


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