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Sometimes things happen that can leave you feeling devastated.

and you might not know how to move on

If you recently lost someone, or something happened and you feel like you lost a piece of yourself

It may be difficult to even get out of bed in the morning.

You can feel the depression setting in and feel helpless to change it.

Even though you meditate and say affirmations and may be doing your absolute best to overcome

And it all feels hollow. Empty. Meaningless.

I want you to know there is help.

There are tools to help you transform your challenges into triumphs.

You can release the betrayal, abandonment, and sadness and be free, once and for all.

The Breakthrough Program is a 5 session, one-on-one coaching program which was designed to guide you to completely overcome a particular issue which has kept you blocked from experiencing the fullness of life.

This is particularly useful for overcoming breakups, the death of a loved one, or a traumatic event.

The answer is simple, you hack the mind.

By knowing how to access where these fears and feelings of unworthiness are stored in your mind, you can pull out the root and be
free, once and for all.

Be Fearless is a 2 week, one-on-one coaching program which was designed to guide you to completely annihilate your fears and any
feelings of unworthiness which will allow you to move toward your goals with confidence.

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Personal Limitations

Cosmic Consciousness

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What’s Included

5 One-on-One coaching sessions (2 hrs each) which includes:

  • 1 In-depth History Sessions

  • 1 Parts Integrations

  • 5 Time Line Therapy Releases

  • 1 Additional Coaching Session (to be used within a month of program completion)

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Stop comparing yourself to others and start blazing your own path

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In This Program You Will

  • One-on-One coaching
  • Release the feeling of being “stuck” so you can respond in the moment
  • Connect to deeper wisdom and a higher perspective
  • Overcome your biggest challenges
  • Nurture your intuition
  • Develop Inner Strength
  • Awaken to greater self love
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What my clients say

I feel lighter, happier, like my memory is better and my mind is more vibrant.

The trauma that I carried and chucked aside has turned into a BLESSING and a lesson that has helped me evolve on many levels.

I am no longer hindered by fears and issues that stemmed from the trauma, but empowered with a new perception on lif

Iva Grcic

Oh my gosh where to start …Ill admit I was excited but a little skeptical about the whole thing…but once Sky led me into my timeline…amazing things happened… I even saw a glimpse into a past life…and found out what has been holding me back !!That thing doesn’t hold me back anymore and I let love in now…I feel soo much lighter and I will be doing it again…thanks chicky you rock !!!

Lee-Anne Kendall

Working with SKy was nothing short of amazing for me. I went from; This chic wants to charge me how much an hour???;  no way, that’s ridiculous!!!  to wow she totally could charge more lol I realize I had to be willing to go deep but what a blessing this was for me. I literally got my wings back and remembered how to fly again!!

Thacia Northey


Personal mastery is the ability to respond for the greatest benefit of all, in each moment.

It takes a lot to be able to accomplish that. First you must understand the mental programming which has been created through life’s influences which results in the expression of your personality.

Gradually, you gain wisdom as you process the programming and consciously choose new programs.

Eventually this leads to emotional intelligence which is the true hallmark of personal fulfillment.

When you can consistently function from a state of emotional intelligence, you can create the reality of your choosing.

My programs and services have all been adapted to guide you to connect to cosmic consciousness and help you to identify with your soul. This instantly allows for a higher perspective which increases compassion for self and others, self awareness and personal empowerment.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the understanding that language is the basis of the programming of the mind.

Therefore, by studying the language used, we can diagnose the programming which is creating your experience.

Then, by using NLP techniques, we reprogram the mind to easily and effortlessly respond from an empowered state of mind and open heart.

All my services are specifically designed to ignite your spirit and connect to your soul.

You can expect to be treated with love and compassion and to gently be guided to the hidden dimensions of the mind to access your soul’s wisdom and connect with cosmic consciousness.

You must understand that you are the creator of your reality. You must be willing to take full responsibility for your experiences.

You must have a strong desire to overcome life’s obstacles. You must be determined to learn how to thrive, not just survive.

Finally, you must be able to surrender to the process and listen to your intuition. The process is much easier if you are already familiar with your intuition and have learned to trust it. If that has not happened yet, this will help you to achieve that.

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