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Be Fearless


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Being an entrepreneur is exciting and it can also be challenging.

One of the biggest challenges we face is fear.

Fear of failure. Fear to succeed. Fear of what others may think.

And of course, there’s the fear of going live on facebook.

To top it all off, many of us are also dealing with feelings of unworthiness.

Feeling like we may not be enough.

And the dreaded imposter syndrome.

It’s no wonder many of us find it difficult to move forward, to go after what we want, when we are frozen by fear.

We all want to move confidently so we can materialize our goals and you’re just not sure how to do that.

You’ve done the affirmations, the vision boards, the goal setting.

Still, the mind has power over you and you find yourself hesitating, with all those familiar thoughts, waiting in fear.

Desperately wondering, how do I overcome this?

The answer is simple, you hack the mind.

By knowing how to access where these fears and feelings of unworthiness are stored in your mind, you can pull out the root and be free, once and for all.

Be Fearless is a 2 week, one-on-one coaching program which was designed to guide you to completely annihilate your fears and any feelings of unworthiness which will allow you to move toward your goals with confidence.

You will:

Identify your fears and beliefs blocking you from moving forward

Integrate your unconsolidated parts

Clear your fear and create new, empowering beliefs

Enjoy your new mindset and confidence


“As a trained NLP Practitioner and female business owner of 5 years, I am selective on who tinkers with my mind. Many practitioners limit their clients’ growth with their own limiting beliefs. Sky’s mind is open as cosmos – she is a frameless mirror guiding you to see yourself, your path, your potential.”

Sasha Presfield (CFO Flux Distribution)

“Sky is an amazing and authentic person to not only work with but also to talk too. She encouraged me not to be afraid of showing the world who I truly am and to allow my creativity to flow and shine! I highly recommend her and I also encourage you to follow her, she gives such insightful messages.”

Colleen Harrison

“I was skeptical at first about what I was getting myself into when Sky offered her services to me. I was dealing with bad anxiety and depression, and was able to be guided out of the hold it had on me. I did plenty of research before accepting and found no negative reviews about the treatment. The whole process was intriguing and did more for me than any other form of therapy. I encourage everyone to enlighten themself, and see what she has to offer. Thank you, Sky!”

Shiloh Felix

Hell yes! I’m ready!

Let’s do this!


(Schedule Now will go here once you have it setup)

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Guided Visualization to Activate & Balance
Your Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

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