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Reveal the confidence and courage to go after your dreams.

Being an entrepreneur is exciting and challenging

One of the biggest challenges we face is fear.

Fear of failure. Fear to succeed. Fear of what others may think.

To top it all off, many of us are also dealing with feelings of unworthiness.

Feeling like we may not be enough.

And the dreaded imposter syndrome.

It’s no wonder many of us find it difficult to move forward, to go after what we want, when we are frozen by fear.

We all want to move confidently so we can materialize our goals and you’re just not sure how to do that.

You’ve done the affirmations, the vision boards, the goal setting.

Still, the mind has power over you and you find yourself hesitating, with all those familiar thoughts, waiting in fear and unworthiness.

Desperately wondering, how do I overcome this?

The answer is simple, you hack the mind.

By knowing how to access where these fears and feelings of  unworthiness are stored in your mind, you can pull out the root and be  free, once and for all.

Be Fearless is a 2 week, one-on-one coaching program which was  designed to guide you to completely annihilate your fears and any  feelings of unworthiness which will allow you to move toward your goals with confidence.

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Imposter Syndrome

Self Worth

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What’s Included

3 One-on-One coaching sessions (2 hrs each) which includes:

  • 1 brief history

  • 2 Parts Integrations

  • 2 Time Line Therapy Releases

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Stop comparing yourself to others and start blazing your own path

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In This Program You Will

  • Release the feeling of being “stuck” so you can respond in the moment
  • Clear the fear of being seen so you can do live video
  • Clear the fear of success and fear of failure
  • Clear feelings of unworthiness
  • Abolish “imposter syndrome”
  • Become confident and courageous
  • Nurture your intuition
  • Be Fearless
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What my clients say

I feel lighter, happier, like my memory is better and my mind is more vibrant.

The trauma that I carried and chucked aside has turned into a BLESSING and a lesson that has helped me evolve on many levels.

I am no longer hindered by fears and issues that stemmed from the trauma, but empowered with a new perception on lif

Iva Grcic

Oh my gosh where to start …Ill admit I was excited but a little skeptical about the whole thing…but once Sky led me into my timeline…amazing things happened… I even saw a glimpse into a past life…and found out what has been holding me back !!That thing doesn’t hold me back anymore and I let love in now…I feel soo much lighter and I will be doing it again…thanks chicky you rock !!!

Lee-Anne Kendall

Working with SKy was nothing short of amazing for me. I went from; This chic wants to charge me how much an hour???;  no way, that’s ridiculous!!!  to wow she totally could charge more lol I realize I had to be willing to go deep but what a blessing this was for me. I literally got my wings back and remembered how to fly again!!

Thacia Northey


Energy healing uses life force energy otherwise known as chi or prana to energize the energy body to increase one’s natural ability to heal. It is not the healer that is healing you, it is your own innate power to heal yourself.

I am trained in several healing modalities, including Reiki and Pranic Healing.

Reiki uses divine intelligence to direct the energy to where the body most needs it. It does not include any form of cleansing before energizing. Pranic Healing focus’ mainly on cleansing energy before energizing, which I find vital to effective healing. Also, it has a variety of protocols available to use for specific ailments as each ailment produces a specific energetic signature upon the energy body.

Everyone experiences energy differently. Most likely, you will not feel anything during the session because you will be asleep. You will enjoy the healing benefits once you wake up. You will notice you can sleep deeper, feel more rested, have more energy and have greater calm. If you are sensitive, you may feel heat, coolness, tingling or any variety of sensations. Whatever you feel or don’t feel, rest assured that it is completely natural for you and that your are being divinely protected.

You will need to send a current pic so I can connect to your energy. It is highly recommended that you shower before going to bed. Drink lots of water the following day.

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